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Liberty Music自在琴室不只提供琴室出租服務,更會為各學校、家長和學生提供各類型音樂教育服務,包括代尋中西樂導師、為學校提供樂器班、樂團訓練等。導師大部分從本地或外地音樂系畢業,師資優良。


音樂除了基本的音準、速度等,還有創新、探索。Liberty Music為此成為橋梁,為各位的音樂路成為踏腳石,並尋找音樂當中的意義和尋找各種可能。Liberty Music希望每一位學生都從學習音樂的過程中感受到喜悅和滿足感,進而成為優秀的音樂人,得以在香港傳承下去。

Providing studio rental & recording services, Liberty Music also offers various kinds of music education services, including finding Chinese and Western instrumental teachers for interested students, providing Chinese and Western instrumental classes and orchestral trainings to both primary and secondary schools. Most tutors graduated from international or local universities, majoring in music. 


Not only do intonation and tempo matter in music, but music also requires students to create and explore. We, Liberty Music, would love to be the bridge for every musicians so that you can discover all the meanings and possibilities in music. We hope that every student can enjoy and gain satisfaction from their musical learning and become great musicians to bring on the music traditions in Hong Kong.

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